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September 15, 2016

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January 26, 2018

It’s hard to say that you can find a country that truly has everything, but through our time spent on the road, we sure have discovered that Australia does! Exploring and finding out what our country has to offer is one of our favourite things to do and is something we are so passionate about. For each place we visit, a greater appreciation for this land flourishes. We have been fortunate enough to travel to many corners of the world together and have found during these times that our favourite and most special experiences have been had here in Australia.


Australia is so diverse, with scorching deserts to tropical rainforests, snowy mountains to beautiful lakes and untouched beaches to remote hills and farmland!


We recently took a trip with Adventure Tours who brought this image of Australia to life. From day one through to the last day of the trip, we had the pleasure of experiencing endless terrains, coastlines, townships and wildlife. Before you book that next flight overseas, have a look at our week spent with Adventure Tours on the road from South Oz to Victoria.


Kangaroo Island
Its hard to put into words how beautiful this unspoilt paradise truly is. We can’t think of a more Aussie island than this one. From sandy desert dunes to crystal clear beaches with endless waves, koalas in the gum trees and sheep shearing sheds nestled among the barren hills, Kangaroo Island has it all. A few of our most memorable experiences while on the road here were:

* Sandboarding the Little Sahara

* Checking out the mind blowing rock formations at the Remarkable Rocks

* Watching the surfers cruise through glassy waves at Pennington Bay

* Admiring the hundreds of seals sun baking on the shoreline at Seal Bay Conservation Park

* Soaking in the calm clear waters at Stokes Beach

* Koala spotting at Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary



 Pink Lake
It is crazy what you can find here in Aus while travelling along empty highways. We were on the road from SA and had crossed over the border into Victoria. Out of nowhere, this beautiful Pink Lake appeared roadside. It was such an epic experience to find something so amazing when you least expect it. A vibrant pink salt lake surrounded by paper bark trees in the middle of sunburnt land, only in Australia!


The Grampians
When we thought things couldn’t get any better, we arrived at The Grampians - a huge change of scenery, climate and another incredible adventure. This Victorian National Park is filled with dramatic mountain ranges and roaring waterfalls. Some of our favourite experiences from The Grampians were;

* Hiking to ‘The Balconies’ for a panoramic over the Victorian Valley

* Watching the sunset from Reeds Lookout, over the many ranges of The Grampians NP

* Swimming beneath the powerful MacKenzie Falls


The Great Ocean Road
Iconic surf breaks along a rugged coast, ancient rainforests and sandstone gorges - The Great Ocean Road would have to be one of the most scenic and diverse drives on the planet. We were lucky enough to cruise along the coast on a beautiful hot Aussie summers day and we were spoilt with hundreds of beaches to choose from. We had some epic experiences along the Great Ocean Road including;

* Swimming in the calm clear water beneath the rugged cliffs of Loch Ard Gorge

* Watching the power of the ocean crash against the iconic limestone stacks - The Twelve Apostles

* Walking through the mystical and mossy rainforests at Maits Rest and seeing giant trees up to 300 years old!


The people we met during our time on the road with Adventure Tours were a special part of our experience. Unwindi