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September 15, 2016

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February 27, 2017

Early morning light paired with a pot of fresh coffee, the regular check list complete for beginning a road trip. We had a fun trio crew hitting the road on a South West adventure for 2 weeks. There is something about the Western Australian roads that really sinks into the core. The empty land, red dirt and endless lakes that capture the eye while buzzing on the mystery of what lies ahead. The journey is all part of the reaching the destination.


We were on our way to Albany to spend a few days hiking, sleeping beneath the stars and exploring the unknown.

We set up camp in our Mighty Camper on the shores of the King George Sound. What a place! Surrounded by islands, mountains and having the ability to walk down to the edge of the calm bay and watch the sky work its magic whilst the sun was setting made it a really special place to unwind at the end of an adventurous day. 


Heres our top picks for adventures in the Albany area:

Elephant Cove
Situated in the beautiful William Bay NP. Short walk from the carpark leads you to Elephant Rocks – huge rounded elephant shaped boulders that are sat in the shores of Elephant Cove. We hung out on a big boulder above the cove, overlooking the clearest water we have all ever laid our eyes on. We took the staircase down to the cove to capture a completely different perspective, lucky enough to have the entire place to ourselves.

Valley of The Giants
The Valley of The Giants tree top trail was a really memorable experience for our crew. We loved getting lost in the peaceful forest, known as the Ancient Empire which is home to some of the worlds biggest and oldest tingle trees. The suspended walkways gave us the opportunity to be high amongst these majestic trees. It gives you a completely different outlook on them when you’re up there. When back on the ground we had the opportunity to climb inside some of the hollow bases of the red tingle and check out the true scale of these beautiful trees.


Torndirrup NP

We completed part of the 16km Bald Head hike in the beautiful Torndirrup NP. The views rewarded from the climb to Isthmus Hill are unbelievable. We spent a few hours hiking and exploring this untouched stretch of coast and felt true seclusion without seeing another person the entire time. There are some amazing blow holes worth the hike down to. We sat right next to the rock crevice which the waves forced their way through and really felt the power of the ocean. The overhanging balcony known as The Gap is a cool experience. We watched the waves crash against the cliffs beneath us through the metal grates of the overhang. 


Bluff Knoll, Stirling Ranges NP 

Driving into the Stirling Ranges NP gave us a taste of the adventure we were about to have! The road winded through the towering mountains until we reached the base of the incredible Bluff Knoll. The views from below were breath taking we couldn’t wait to take the journey to the summit. The entire hike is beautiful, with endless views over the rest of the National Park and amazing mountains. The weather went from warm, still and clear during our ascent to a windy, freezing and cloudy summit. We wouldn’t have it any other way! It was a unique, exhilarating and special experience. Looking over the untouched and empty land gave a sense of peace and insignificance.


Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve
If you think you have been to paradise, you haven’t unless you have visited Two Peoples Bay - Little Beach. Driving into the NP and seeing Barron fields of rocks and hills , we weren’t sure what to expect. We didn’t realise the beauty that we would discover around the bend! We pulled the van up, made some lunch and soaked in the unexpected breathtaking view outside our window. Having a place like this to ourselves is a moment we will all keep for life.



Sharing these experiences and moments together in the amazing Albany region was a definite highlight of our time in South West Oz. Beautiful places are more treasured when shared with beautiful people! 

Thanks to Mighty Campers for yet another epic adventure while on the road