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September 15, 2016

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July 10, 2016


The Pinnacles – Kalbarri
Travelling in a Mighty Highball Camper
Approx 4 hours


We fell in love with the rugged coastline and the national park of Kalbarri. With so many natural discoveries to explore, this is a place where we felt in our element.

Heres our top picks for Kalbarri

Pink Lake – Hutt Lagoon
While on the road to Kalbarri we were amazed as we were passing by this natural pink lake. We pulled the van up and took a closer look. Its bright pink colour is due to carotenoid in the water which produces algae. Definitely worth a stop!



Coastal Cliffs
We spent some time hiking the tracks of the Coastal Cliffs of Kalbarri. The first we visited was Island Rock and Natural Bridge. The walk follows the stunning coastline first reaching Island Rock which due to the power of the ocean now stands alone, once being part of the shoreline.



We continued along the walking track taking in the incredible views of the turquoise water until we reached the Natural Bridge, an amazing archway hollowed out by the ocean.


We jumped back in the camper and took a short drive to Shellhouse Grandstand, magnificent sandstone cliffs leading into the ocean.

Back onto the highway we took another stop on the Coastal Cliffs – Eagle Gorge. This was the bluest water we had seen yet. We took a seat on the edge and watched the waves crash against the red cliffs.


Natures Window
This was one of our favourite spots in Kalbarri National Park. We took the trail down to this fascinating rock formation which frames a perfect view over the Murchison River gorge.



Z Bend
We headed to the lookout over the steep 150m drop of the gorge. The views were spectacular. We then took the river hike which descends via ladders and steep rock hops to the base of the valley. It was surreal standing beneath the Tumblagooda Sandstone cliffs.



Hawks Head
We loved this lookout. It gave some beautiful views over the Murchison River and the Kalbarri Gorges.

Our Sunset Spots
Red Bluff
We enjoyed the epic sunset views and watched our surroundings change colour as the sun fell into the horizon.

Murchison River Mouth
We pulled the camper up at the river mouth and enjoyed out the back in the comfort of our home on wheels. We spotted a dolphin as the sun slowly set.


Where to camp
Murchison River Caravan Park. Waterfront sites are worth the extra dollars!

Thanks to Mighty Campers for our home on wheels!
Live simply and #gobycamper