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We are a creative duo living on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. We have been travelling together through different parts of Australia and the world the past five years.

Our shared love of travel and living mindfully, making the most of each and every day creates a balanced and happy life of love and adventure.

our story



A free spirited, adventuring, buoyed by natural highs artist from the South Coast of NSW.

Hiking, creating and living a fast paced, energetic lifestyle is Shannon in a nutshell.


Shannon finds her inspiration through her passion of exploring new, untouched places. 

A soulful and creative solo acoustic singer/songwriter from the UK.

Living with Shan, Ria is also based on the South Coast of NSW and is loving spreading her music across Australia and the rest of the world. 

Regular adventures and live gigs keep her inspired to do what she loves. You can check out her YouTube channel here